Sunspot Productions - recording and mastering

Sunspot Productions is dedicated to providing high quality recording and music production for any type of music at very affordable rates.

Located in Alhambra, Sunspot has worked extensively with local East L.A. artists primarily in the hip hop, latin and oldies genres. We have also recorded numerous punk and heavy metal groups , most recently grunge and roots rockers Ponehenge and thrash metal band Sovereign.

Sunspot Production's latest offering is Rick Lawndale Unplugged Volume 1 - a large collection of Rick Lawndale's acoustic work available at and also available at

Sunspot is also proud to announce the long awaited cd Ponderosa Parkway . A unique tribute to all things country, Rick Lawndale and Friends magum opus Ponderosa Parkway is currently at our online store. Read this review Also, The first album by the Mark Christoopher Group, recorded at our studio, is now available through Tate Music Group and you can view his website at Christian rock artist David Sagasta's premier collection titled Thoughts, available through Tate Music Group at

 Our ongoing relationship  with rock legend Pat Vegas of Redbone has led to a number of unreleased gems.

We are also recording a number of artists for record label Involved Records including rappers Kelo and O G Daddy V  . The facility features an engineering room, a vocal room, and a larger room for recording drums and guitars. mplifiers and drums are available. Mastering is provided in-house with state-of-the-art mastering software including Waves L2 Maximizer and IK Multimedia T-Racks analog modeling mastering software.

Sunspot also offers recording services in the Antelope Valley area. The Lancaster facility includes full video production capability and top of the line equipments such as Pro Tools TDM, Apogee converters, Waves bundle, and the Avalon preamps.

Graphic services including cd cover design and t-shirt silkscreening are also available


3-10pm Monday thru Friday

10am to 11 pm Saturday and Sunday

Appointment Only


Pro Tools 7.1, Reason, Fruity Loops,,Waves Diamond Bundle featuring The L2 Mastering program, MaxBass, True Verb, S1 Stereo Imager, Doubler, Convolution Reverb, X- Hum, X- Crackle audio restoration software  and many others.Antares Pitch Correction software, Drum Core ,  Music XPC computer, Pro Tools Rack, M-Audio Octane Adat interface Yamaha 4416 recorder and mixer,Tascam Analog 4 track portastudio  Mackie 24-8 mixer, Universal Audio Solo 110,Tascam Analog 4 track portastudeio ,  Joe Meek VC6Q, Focusrite Voicemaster Pro, Neumann TLM 103, Rode NT2, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 57, Shure SM 58, Shure Beta 52,Yamaha S80 keyboard, Fender Blackface Twin, Gallien Kruger bass amp


Jewel Akens " Mr. Birds and the Bees" -- country, pop

Tony Aquarius- Hendrix tribute artist and original rock

Bag of Tricks= pop covers

Chris Bentley- R & B

Black Sun- Goth Rock

John Carson- Country

Kody Chia and Blackfire- Classic Rock

Mark Christopher Band- Blues Rock

Cirilin- Childrens Music

D P- Rap

Derringer- gospel

Deso- Rap

Doc C - Rap

Joe Dominguez- Native American, Folk Rock

Empty Rum Bottles- punk

Enthused- Pop Punk

Famous Boys- Rap

Ferris Wheel- Russian pop

Fleck- Rap

Forever Young- Christial music

Nola Gates- Rap

G 1- Rap

Homicide Squad- Punk

Involved Records- digital record label

Ironic Illusion- heavy metal

Grayson Izumi- Standards, Easy Listening

Jaleeka-(fReSh) Christian Rap

April Jenkins- Rap

Dave Jones- retro rock

Jolson- R & B

Julian- Rap

Kali- rap

Katharsis- Heavy Metal

Kelo- rap

Keyz- Rap

King Blest- Rap

La Leche- Hard Rock covers

Life- Rap

Mr. Antonio- South American  Jazz and Pop

The New Eraz- Rap

Nicholas Kouzouyan- latin

La Libertad- Rock En Espanol

Rick Lawndale Band- Surf, 60's rock

Larry and Rosalinda- Folk, Rock Ballads

Life- Rap

Johnny Legrand- Blues, R & B

Chris Lopez- folk rock

Los Villanos Crew- Reggaeton

Raul "Harpo" Martinez- Oldies, Ballads

Mark Moran- Christian Folk

Nephew- Rap

Notorious Coo- Dance, Hip Hop

O  G Daddy V- Rap

Jose Perez- Mariachi. Bolero, Rancheros

Ponehenge- grunge and roots rock

Pop Destroyer- Alternative

Redbone- Rock, pop, R & B

Tiffany Rhodes- R & B,Hip Hop

Oscar Rospide, Latin Jazz

The Rockaholics- Rock En Espanol

David Sagasta- Christian rock and folk

Soveriegn- Thrash Metal

Marvin "Rip" Spencer- Gospel

Smooth Response- oldies, latin, soul

Sovereign- Thrash Metal

Reggie Stuart- Drummer

Tequila Pop- Latin Rock, Pop

Lincoln Tritt- Native American Folk

Benny Troung- Rap

The Van Dykes- Punk

Oscar Yancor- House


The Mark Christopher Band- Self Titled - Tate Music Group

Thoughts- David Sagasta- Tate Music Group

You Are The One For Me- Freddy G and Smooth Response (produced by Joey Guerra of Tierra and Soto

God is Still In Motion- Marvin "Rip" Spencer, Spen- Coe records

Mark Christopher Band- EP

Nekro Kats- Nekro Kats EP

Keyz- Way Pass Dirty- Mash Mode Presents

New Eraz- promotional ep

Raul "Harpo" Martinitez- Memories Of Love-  Sunspot Productions




Theme Song -Let It Shine Show- 2013

A Happy Ending- Tri Rock Films- 2006

Lovable Guy- Rock Video - Tri Rock
Films- 2007


Ol Glory Beer - featuring Jewel Akens ( in progress)